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VOD Review - Indiscretion

Ever since Fatal Attraction (1987) became the cultural phenomenon that it did, making hundreds of millions and earning six, Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, many films have tried to copy it or give their take on what is an incredible and erotically thrilling premise. Directed and co-written by John Stewart Muller, this movie gender-bends the Fatal Attraction idea, which isn't new. Three films within the past three years have also done a gender-bender on that relationship between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close's characters. Instead of a wealthy, male adulterer and his female mistress who becomes psychotic and dangerously obsessive, this movie has a wealthy, female adulterer and her male paramour who becomes a scary stalker.

The three, aforementioned films did more than just swap the sexes of the two main characters. They also added another twist on that 1987 premise. Anthony DiBlasi's Missionary dealt with issues around Mormonism. Billie Woodruff's A…

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