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Movie Review - White Boy Rick

The reason this film was made is because it's a true-story with an interesting hook. The titular character is reportedly the youngest, federal informant ever who then went on to become the longest-serving, nonviolent prisoner in the United States. Ricky Wershe, Jr. was 14 when the FBI recruited him to help take down a drug operation that had connections to the mayor of Detroit. Supposedly, Wershe, Jr. was going to be protected. Yet, Wershe, Jr. ended up being convicted at age 17 to life in prison for drug dealing. He was eventually released but only after 30 years. This film, directed by Yann Demange, depicts those three years of Wershe's life that resulted in his incarceration.

Richie Merritt stars as Ricky, the 14-year-old in question. He seems like an Eminem-type but 20 years before Eminem would become a household name. He's a white teen in a predominantly black environment who is mostly stoic. He doesn't speak much but what he does say is usually tough and to-the-…

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