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Movie Review - Sollers Point

It's never stated or shown but Sollers Point is a reference to Sollers Point Road, which is one of the main drags through Dundalk, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. The main character lives on Sollers Point Road presumably and has most likely been raised in that area. Writer-director Matthew Porterfield is also from Baltimore and depicts the Charm City with a strong sense of authenticity. Porterfield also wields this slight, character study with a gritty realism, as he deals with lower class or impoverished people, touching upon the seedy side of that landscape, but make no mistake, this isn't The Wire.

McCaul Lombardi (Patti Cake$ and American Honey) is the centerpiece as Keith, a 20-something convict. His exact, legal troubles are never explained, but he is at the beginning on house arrest in his father's place. He has an ankle bracelet. He's had the bracelet for a year and he's a week or so away from getting it taken off. Once he does, he goes around to people h…

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