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TV Review - All American

April Blair is a writer-producer who has worked on several, primetime TV shows. In 2012, she had Jane By Design on ABC Family. She then had Hart of Dixie on CW and she also had Reign on the CW too in 2015. Those three TV shows had something in common. All three dealt with a character from one area, place or culture being transplanted into another. Hart of Dixie for example was about a New Yorker going to the deep south of Alabama. Those three shows all centered on young, white women. Blair's new program also deals with a transplant, but this time her protagonist is a young, black man. Using her transplant theme, which appears to be a favorite of hers, along with a focus on an African-American family, this show allows her to explore issues within the black community and within black families in a more concentrated way. Given also that her protagonist is a football player, this show also could be described as Friday Night Lights meets The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, except minus any h…

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