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Best Moments on TV of 2020... So Far

Come on! When we think of television in the year 2020, in the year of coronavirus, no doubt we'll think about Joe Exotic and the big hit of the quarantine times, that of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness on Netflix. In general though, most of the TV shows that were most in the conversation were documentaries or docu-series like ESPN's The Last Dance or HBO's McMillions. Because of the recent developments in the news, Netflix's documentary on Jeffrey Epstein also proved timely. A documentary about a shocking case of sexual assault called Outcry premiered on Showtime. There was even the documentary about the alleged sexual abuse from rap mogul, Russell Simmons, called On the Record, which was one of the new shows that launched HBO Max.

Yes, HBO Max is the latest streaming service or video-on-demand, subscription service to launch on the Internet. Ever since Netflix has been such a success and a pioneer in the business model, we've seen so many video-on-demand or …

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