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DVD Review - Destroyer

This film came out on Christmas in very limited release. It stars Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman. It was one of four films featuring her to be released last year. It wasn't the most overlooked film of hers in 2018, but it was the film from her that got the best reviews and made the least money. It was positioned to get awards recognition, but the awards shows mostly overlooked it too, except the Golden Globes, which gave Kidman a nomination for Best Performance by an Actress. If nothing else, it feels like a film that was built as a vehicle for her. It's a vehicle to showcase her acting skills. It perhaps is also a vehicle for director Karyn Kusama (The Invitation and Aeon Flux) to do a dirty and gritty, police procedural or crime drama in the vein of something like The Shield on FX. Kusama has directed a lot of television. If she had the opportunity, she certainly could have directed an episode of that FX series because this film fits into the aesthetic and themes of that show a…

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