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Movie Review - Altitude (2017)

According to a tweet, this movie is called Hijacked in the UK and features Dolph Lundgren alone on the DVD cover. The poster for the movie here in the United States features Lundgren holding a gun. When it comes to what happens in this movie, both images are incorrect. Lundgren is barely a character in this narrative, so it's disingenuous to have him alone on the DVD cover. His screen time consists of him mostly sitting and he never holds a gun. Obviously, Lundgren isn't as young as he was 30 years ago in Rocky IV (1985). He's probably not able to be as animated as he was in Universal Soldier (1992), but the man has worked steadily for the past three decades and proved in The Expendables (2010) that he's still capable of mixing it up. Writer Jesse Mittelstadt and director Alex Merkin however don't take advantage and use Lundgren to his full potential. He's an action star who gets no action.

Another actor who isn't used to full potential here is Jonathan Li…

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