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VOD Review - Last Ferry

It's a bit of a Hitchcock thriller. Instead of repressed homosexual themes, this film features an entire cast that's playing all openly gay characters. It's a chilling and tense scenario, but it's a mystery that never fully materializes or is explained. A lot of it can be assumed and the dots can be put together by the audience, but it's a shame that the film couldn't give us a tad more insight. It seems as if this film, directed by Jaki Bradley and written by Ramon Torres, is trying to be like Alain Guiraudie's Stranger By the Lake (2014), a film that juxtaposes a place where gay men can have sex out in the open and publicly with a murderer on the loose in that very spot. It explores homoeroticism in bold ways and that touches upon some psychological pathology therein, the disregard of safety for the sake of lustful desire. It's also about the loneliness and desperation for love or some human connection, as well as the struggle for love amid an enviro…

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