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TV Review - The Defenders

This is a first for a TV series, at least here in the United States. It's a series about four characters. Each of whom had their own individual series leading up to this. It's the ultimate spin-off, but one that was reversed engineered or was always in mind when it all started two years ago. It's basically doing on television what Marvel Studios did with the films leading up to The Avengers (2012), which is about four major super-heroes who team up to save the world. This TV series is lower stakes. It's about four super-heroes who team up to save New York City, although arguably The Avengers ended with a battle in New York City. This series is limited to a battle inside one building. Everything here is more grounded than in the films, despite all of it taking place in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe, all with knowledge of each other to allow for crossover in theory but lacking in practice.

Charlie Cox stars as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, a blind lawyer whose other …

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