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Movie Review - Alien: Covenant

This is the sixth film in this franchise. It's a horror series, a chain of monster movies. It's also in the same vein as slasher flicks where a group of people will get trapped in some place and get picked off one by one. The fact that this movie follows that template shouldn't be surprising, but the previous film broke from the template a little and presented that the franchise had the potential to go in a different, science-fiction direction than what we've seen before. That isn't the case here. This movie is the most typical. If anything, this movie is a beat-for-beat remake of the original 1979 film, which would put it in line with movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens that decided to copy the story from the first in the franchise but only changing the character names. This is not uncommon for sequels or in this case prequel, but the hope is that the sequel will be just as good if not better than the original. The Force Awakens did that. This movie doesn…

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