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Best Movies of 2018

It came to me that a good way of viewing this year would be to look back a decade ago and compare this year to 2008. If you go by what was #1 in the box office that year, what you'll find are about 20 films that were for the most part original ideas. They might not have been all great ideas, but they were mostly original. Maybe, one or two were adaptations of books, but there were so many original ideas in the multiplex that were succeeding. If you look at what was #1 in 2018, week after week all were either remakes, comic book films or sequels. You can almost count the original films on one hand. It is perhaps a sign of the times that this past year both Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep did sequels for the first time in their careers. A big deal was made about Washington doing The Equalizer 2, his first sequel in a nearly 40-year long career. Most people overlooked the fact that Streep who has been in the business just as long also did her very first sequel with Mamma Mia! Here…

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