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Movie Review - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This Marvel Comics character is one of the most popular, super-hero characters ever created. Several animated TV series have been made for him. Sam Raimi adapted the character into a blockbuster film in 2002. Raimi made three of them. His third was not well received, so Sony Pictures decided to reboot the franchise in 2012 with Marc Webb directing and a new actor in the role. Webb made two of them. His second was also not well received, so Sony decided to reboot the whole thing again. Only this time, it loaned the character with a third, new actor to Disney for use in its Avengers' films, as well as having that third actor in his own, solo films. This movie would be the fourth reboot of the character for the silver screen. This time though, the character is fully animated with a fourth actor doing the voice.

Marvel Comics has rebooted the character numerous times in print, so it's not uncommon on the page, but the many reboots on film in such a short time is a bit uncommon. T…

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