DVD Review - All Good Things

Director Andrew Jarecki (Capturing the Friedmans) admits on the DVD that this film is based on the real-life case against Robert Durst. He was implicated in the disappearance of his wife in New York. His wife was never found. Later, when Durst was an old man, he was implicated in someone else's death in Texas. Jarecki based his screenplay on 2,000 pages of transcript released by the stenographer of that Texas trial. The transcripts revealed Durst's entire life as he testified over two days.
Jarecki depicts key moments from that life over the course of 30 years, starting in 1971 and ending in 2003. Jarecki, however, changed the name of Robert Durst to David Marks who is played by Oscar-nominee Ryan Gosling. David comes from a wealthy family and has lived a privileged life. Things change when he meets Katie McCarthy, played by Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man). Katie doesn't come from wealth. David's father, played by Oscar-nominee Frank Langella, is an elitist who looks down on Katie.
David and Katie fall in love with each other anyway. David's family owns a lot of real estate in New York, specifically in Times Square, and David's father wants his son to be more involved with the family business. David rejects that and runs off with Katie to Vermont to open a health foods store named "All Good Things." David's father tries to break the two of them up, which proves not that difficult because the two may not be all that compatible.
David also has emotional problems that cause him to be abusive. Despite this, the two stick together at times unwillingly. Eventually, the two start to lead separate lives, while still in the same house. Katie tries to get away from David, but he pulls her back. Gosling plays quiet and reserved but underneath you can tell there's something bubbling about to explode.
Jarecki does a brilliant job of re-creating 1970s New York. He does an exceptional job when it comes to the Times Square of that era as well.
Five Stars out of Five.
Rated R for drug use, violence, language and some sexuality.
Running Time: 1 hr. and 41 mins.


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