TV Review - 10 Better Final Seasons Than 'Breaking Bad'

I'm sorry, but these final few episodes of Breaking Bad have been boring to me. That, and the character of Walter White is too evil a character for me to like following week-to-week. After thinking about it, there are ten TV shows that had final seasons that I thought were more exciting, more entertaining and more interesting in a broader context than this final season on AMC.

10. BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (7th Season) - Some people think the show went downhill and got too dark in its final two seasons, which it did, but to me that worked for what the show was trying to do. We still got great action scenes, a great sense of humor even amidst all the mayhem, and great character moments and bits of dialogue that made it continually fun.

9. SIX FEET UNDER (5th Season) - The final episode made me cry. Any ending that's capable of making me do that is amazing as far as I'm concerned.

8. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (7th Season) - I'm a fan of Gene Roddenberry's series. There was no on-going story. Most of the episodes here were stand-alone, but those stand-alone episodes still maintained with the great Star Trek tradition of dealing with social issues under the cloak of this sci-fi story. Some of my favorite episodes from that 1994 season included "The Pegasus", "Genesis", "Journey's End" and "Emergence".

7. 30 ROCK (7th Season) - Tina Fey is just a great writer and what she and her team crafted was simply brilliant, simply brilliant.

6. LOST (6th Season) - A lot of people didn't like the way this series ended. Many wanted more specific answers to some of the mysteries established early in the program. Personally, I think the show explained enough, but, to me, the show was and continued to be about the characters therein. It wasn't really about the supernatural aspects. It was just about people having to make hard choices. The emotional conclusions reached by those characters in that final season was more than enough for me.

5. THE COSBY SHOW (8th Season) - The sitcom in many ways established NBC's Thursday night lineup and year after year was consistently good. It culminated in a final shot and moment that to me will never be matched.

4. THE TWILIGHT ZONE (5th Season) - The series was winding down at this point, but who can argue with a season that gave us "A Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" and "Living Doll", two of the most iconic episodes in the series' history.

3. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (3rd Season) - This isn't technically the final season, but up until this summer, most people believed it was. As such, the writers did a phenomenal job of wrapping things up.

2. OZ (6th Season) - This was the first scripted drama on HBO and set a standard that was pretty incredible, mainly in its subject matter but also in its performances. The final season was still everything the show was from the beginning and well-used its Shakespearean metaphors.

1. THE SHIELD (7th Season) - By far the best ending to a TV series that I have ever seen. The finale itself was fantastic, but every episode leading up to it was exciting and a revelation, crazy and fun. Breaking Bad has not even come close to this in my estimation.


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