Fan Fiction - Days of Our Lives - Will and Sonny and Paul - March 3, 2015

Paul (left), Will (middle) and Sonny (right)
Thanks to YouTube users "tulsastorm" and "477mrfixit," I've been able to stay up-to-date with the gay storyline in the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives. A couple of years ago, I posted an alternate version of a scene. I don't presume to re-write the writers of the show, but their scene inspired me. It's total fan fiction in that I am a fan and I like what's happening. This is me merely amplifying or spicing things up more.

Just to provide some context. Last April, Will Horton, played by Guy Wilson, and Sonny Kiriakis, played by Freddie Smith, got married in a really amazing gay wedding. Sonny owns a coffee house and night club. Will works as a magazine writer. They're both raising Will's daughter Ariana. In October, Will went to Hollywood to work as a screenwriter. While he was gone, Sonny's ex-fiance, Paul Narita, a closeted pro-baseball player, played by Christopher Sean, came to town for off-the-radar physical therapy. He then tried to get back together with Sonny. Sonny turned him down. When Will came back, he secretly was assigned to do a cover story about Paul, unknown to Sonny. While working on the story, Will had an affair with Paul. A gay bellhop named Derrick found out about it and told Sonny. Sonny went to confront Will and Paul but was stabbed by an unknown assailant and hospitalized. The scene that aired on March 3rd is Sonny calling Paul to his hospital room to talk about the affair. Will shows up right before Sonny is released and leaves for Phoenix.


Sonny and Paul continue their conversation.

SONNY: Will thinks the only reason I married him is because I couldn't marry you.
PAUL: That's silly. You didn't. (Pause.) Did you?

Will enters and is upset to see Paul.

WILL: (To Paul.) What the Hell are you doing here?
PAUL: I'm here to see Sonny.
WILL: Well, you shouldn't be.
SONNY: I asked him to be here. I needed to talk to him.
WILL: (To Sonny.) Why? You and I haven't even finished talking.
SONNY: There are some things I needed to clear up with him.
WILL: And have you?
SONNY: Yeah.
WILL: Wait! Have you forgiven him?

Sonny takes a moment before answering to consider how his response will affect both.

SONNY: Yes. Yes, I have.
WILL: And what about me?
SONNY: What about you?
WILL: You can forgive him for what we did but not me?
SONNY: Paul didn't know that you were my husband when you two slept together. You did! In his mind, Paul didn't know that what he was doing was wrong, but the same can't be said about you. You knew exactly what you were doing, and you knew it was wrong, but you did it anyway, so you ask me if I forgive you, Hell no!

Will turns to Paul.

WILL: He says he didn't know I was your husband, but did he?
PAUL: What? How could I have known? You took your wedding ring off every time you came to see me. You never mentioned your husband's name.
WILL: When you realized Sonny was in Salem and after he told you he was married, you could have easily looked us up on the Internet. Our wedding was kind of a big deal. We're both connected to two influential families. It made the paper. You even said that you specifically requested me after reading my article about Chad. (Pause.) You knew I was married to Sonny, so you seduced me. You seduced me on purpose!
PAUL: Will, you have lost it!
WILL: No, the only thing I've lost is Sonny, which is exactly what you wanted from the beginning, to break us up, so you could have Sonny all to yourself!
PAUL: You're insane if you think I did this on purpose.
WILL: Why? Why is it insane? You've made no secret about wanting Sonny back. Why is it insane to think you'd do anything to accomplish that?
PAUL: (Upset.) It's insane because I would never do anything to hurt Sonny, unlike you!
WILL: You mean besides the time when you completely broke his heart when you turned down his marriage proposal, telling him basically he was less important to you than baseball?
PAUL: I made a mistake, but I would never do anything that would hurt him again. I love him too much.
WILL: Even after I told you I was married, you tried to sleep with me again. If you were willing to do that for me, what would you be willing to do to get Sonny, the one you claim is the love of your life?
PAUL: I told him that I didn't know that you were his husband, and I meant it. I'm not the liar here, Will. You are!
SONNY: Both of you, stop!
WILL: (To Sonny.) Sonny, I was stupid. I didn't see. This was his plan, to split us up. He knew the whole time!
PAUL: No, Sonny, that's a lie!

Will and Paul begin to argue, trying to make their case to Sonny, screaming over each other, each repeating their last line. Kayla and Adrienne enter.

KAYLA: Hey! What's going on?

Both Will and Paul back down.

WILL: Nothing, Aunt Kayla! Everything's fine.
SONNY: (Pause.) Both Will and Paul were upset because I just told them I'm not going home today. I'm leaving Salem.



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