The Best Moments on TV 2010

Do I watch a crazy amount of television? Yes. Am I as crazy as the people and things I'm watching? No!
The Best Moments on TV of 2010
15. LETTERMAN TALKS TO JOAQUIN PHOENIX - After a surprising Super Bowl 44 ad with Oprah and Jay Leno, The Late Show With David Letterman on September 22 brought back actor Joaquin Phoenix who tried to pull a hoax not only on Dave but all of America. The way Letterman rips into him was the best I've ever seen a Hollywood star get ripped.
14. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE INTRODUCES JAY PHAROAH - New SNL cast member, Jay Pharoah's impressions of Will Smith talking up his kids (Sept. 25), Denzel Washington working at Target (Oct. 9), and Eddie Murphy auditioning for "Back to the Future" (Oct. 30), Pharoah is currently the best thing on the show.
13. LOST: SERIES FINALE & LONE STAR'S SUDDEN FINALE - The final episode in the final season of Lost was a rather huge media and fan event. The prime-time dedication, parties and news coverage on May 23rd were over-the-top, as was the sudden end to FOX's Lone Star. The critical love didn't match the comparatively low ratings. Its second and final episode was on September 27 and for those who saw it the episode turned out to be a great piece to be admired.
12. SIMON COWELL & LARRY KING SAY GOODBYE - What's ironic is almost a year prior, Larry King had Simon Cowell on his show talking about Cowell leaving American Idol. Ellen joked about both staying way too long on a TV show. Little did she know! Simon said adieu on May 26. King signed off on December 16.
11. BILL MAHER'S CHRISTINE O'DONNELL WITCHCRAFT TAPE - On September 17, HBO talk show host and comedian Bill Maher sent shockwaves through the media and on the campaign trail when he released a tape of an old episode of Politically Incorrect, which featured Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell saying that she had dabbled in witchcraft.
10. CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR'S TOWN HALL -  Amanpour was named the new host of ABC's This Week on Sunday mornings and on October 3rd, she conducted a Town Hall discussion on the current feelings about Islam in America, especially in regard and reaction to the mosque / cultural center proposed being built near Ground Zero in Manhattan. Not only was it the highest rated episode in years for that show, but it was absolutely compelling television and probably the best open forum I've heard on the subject.
9. PINK AT THE GRAMMYS - Alecia Beth Moore from the suburbs of Philadelphia, also known as Pink, the singer-songwriter, performed at the Grammy Awards on January 31, and surprised the audience with her performance of "Glitter in the Air" which included an acrobatic and trapeze stunt with the singer soaking wet, barely dressed, hanging from a cloth, and spinning at fast speed while singing absolutely beautifully. Watch out Cirque du Soleil!
8. DON LEMON'S SURPRISING CONFESSION - Don Lemon is CNN's primetime weekend anchor and during an interview about the Bishop Eddie Long scandal, he revealed that he too had been a victim of sex abuse (Sept. 25). This preceded Oprah doing an episode with Tyler Perry in November where he and a group of other men all admitted to being sexually abused as well.
7. GLEN BECK INTERVIEWS ERIC MASSA - If you missed Glen Beck devoting an hour to Eric Massa, then you truly missed some great TV. From healthcare reform to tickle fights with young boys, it was an awesome interview.
6. ELLEN CRIES ABOUT GAY SUICIDE - On Sept. 30, Ellen spoke in response to a rash of gay suicides in the news starting with the shocking headlines of Tyler Clementi. This was followed by Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns (Oct. 13) doing the same, as well as an Internet campaign called Spirit Day (Oct. 20), which urged those in the media like people on TV to wear the color purple and post messages to the website "It Gets Better."
5. JOY BEHAR AND WHOOPI GOLDEBERG WALK OFF - During a heated conversation with FOX News personality Bill O'Reilly on The View (Oct. 14), things got so heated over the mosque at Ground Zero controversy that both women stood up and stormed away backstage.
4. TIGER WOODS APOLOGIZES - The billionaire golfer took control of the airwaves in February to offer a big public apology for his outrageous sex scandal. All the major networks, not just ESPN or GOLF, carried his apology live. He was robotic but he rattled on for nearly 14 minutes, probably a minute for each mistress.
3. SANDRA BULLOCK AT A BUNCH OF AWARD SHOWS - She won an Oscar and a Razzie all in the space of a month, but being the amazing woman she is, she went to both award shows to accept. It was revealed that the man by her side through all those awards cheated on her with various women, some of them dressed like Nazis. Her first public appearance since the scandal was at MTV's Movie Awards in June, which despite the censor's late bleeps of various curse words was notable for Bullock saying it's okay to go back to making jokes about her, including lesbian ones. She then kissed Scarlet Johansson
2. CHILEAN MINERS RESCUED - It happened the same night as the CNN debate between Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons but on Oct. 13 and one by one, 33 men were pulled from a collapsed mine, which trapped them for 69 days.
1. JON STEWART RALLIES TO RESTORE SANITY - Comedy Central dedicated three hours on October 30, the Saturday afternoon before Halloween, to broadcast live Jon Stewart's musical concert and personal reaction to the media and political environment that he finds absurd and probably insane. It was both a trick and a treat. It brought Obama to his program three days prior and the following days attacks from Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow, but it was fun and it was brilliant.
Best Reality / Variety Series
1.   infoMania (CURRENT)
2.   The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (COM)
3.   Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)
4.   Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (BRAVO)
5.   The Fabulous Beekman Boys (PLANET GREEN)
6.   Vanguard (CURRENT)
7.   Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business (VH1)
Best Comedies
1.   Louie: Season 1 (FX)
2.   30 Rock: Season 5 (NBC)
3.   Nurse Jackie: Season 2 (SHOW)
4.   Glee: Season 2 (FOX)
5.   Desperate Housewives: Season 7 (ABC)
6.   Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
7.   Entourage: Season 7 (HBO)
8.   United States of Tara: Season 2 (SHOW)
9.   Rescue Me: Season 6 (FX)
10. Community: Season 2 (NBC)
Best Dramas
1.   Lost: Final Season (ABC)
2.   The Good Wife: Season 2 (CBS)
3.   Justified: Season 1 (FX)
4.   Dexter:  Season 5 (SHOW)
5.   In Treatment: Season 3 (HBO)
6.   Brothers & Sisters: Season 5 (ABC)
7.   Law & Order - Special Victims Unit: Season 12 (NBC)
8.   True Blood: Season 3 (HBO)
9.   Supernatural: Season 6 (CW)
10. No Ordinary Family: Season 1 (ABC)


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