'Truth' is Award-winning and Thrilling, Personal Project

This week, May 6, the new movie Truth (2014) was released on DVD. Just prior to that release, the movie won four awards, including Best Gay Thriller and Sexiest Gay Movie. It also picked up Best Lead Actor for Sean Paul Lockhart and Best Director for Rob Moretti. All four prizes came via the 2014 TLA Gaybie Awards, which are voted by the public.

The reason for its success probably has a lot to do with the performance of Sean Paul Lockhart. Most audiences might know Lockhart from his pseudonym, Brent Corrigan. For those who don't know, Lockhart used to do adult films and became one of the most popular performers of the past decade.

His status as a porn star has been used to comical effect in queer films like Another Gay Sequel (2008) or to dramatic effect in films like The Big Gay Musical (2009), but now Lockhart is transitioning out of adult films into more mainstream movies. He had a major role in the sci-fi flick Judas Kiss (2011), but this movie Truth is Lockhart's first leading role in an actual, theatrical release.

Obviously, Lockhart is attractive, but this movie does not rely on his physicality. It is a more demanding role emotionally, which takes him to some dark places and to some places that are deeply personal and have resonance not only to Lockhart but also to his director Rob Moretti.

Moretti has written a screenplay that deals with confronting who you are no matter how scary or brutal it can be. He also directs this piece in very scary and brutal ways, taking both himself who co-stars in the movie and Lockhart to difficult places, definitely earning its Best Gay Thriller award.

He tackles homophobia in a way that we've never seen before. It's uneasy and terrifying, but it's crazy fun to see the evolution of Lockhart as an actor because this represents a huge step for him.

The DVD for Truth features audio commentary from Lockhart and Moretti. A behind-the-scenes documentary called Stranger Than Fiction: The Making of Truth is included, as well as deleted and extended scenes.

Read my article on Rob Moretti here. For more info, go to http://truth-the-movie.com/


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