DVD Review - ErOddity(s)

Addison Graham in a scene from "ErOddity(s)"
Eroddity is not an actual word. Writer-director Steven Vasquez invented it. It's a combination of the words erotic and oddity, and that's exactly what this movie is. It's sexual, practically pornographic, and it's strange, if not downright macabre. It's constructed like those Boys Briefs movies. The second of which featured Danny Roberts hosting a collection of short, gay films. This movie has four, such films, and if you're unsure of how erotic or how much of an oddity these short, gay films get, the first short, which is only five minutes, titled "Forever Mine," sets the table with two of the most taboo sexual acts you'll see all year.

This movie is said to be inspired by The Twilight Zone. The second, short, gay film here titled "A Mind of Their Own," is in fact a 17-minute remake of The Twilight Zone episode, titled "A World of His Own." That 1960 episode is notable because it's the first episode in which writer-creator Rod Serling appeared on camera. This 17-minute remake lacks the clever writing of Serling nor the great performance from Serling's actors.

This 17-minute remake has instead Brandon Rife, a young male model who is new to acting in film, much like many of the young players here. This movie is the first credit for Rife, but it's not for Addison Graham who co-stars here and who also appeared in Triple Crossed, the feature that Vasquez produced and for which he was cinematographer. Graham is probably better known for his adult films and adult photography.

Adult photography or nude photography is integral in the third, short, gay film, titled "Unsolved Christmas." Its narrator riffs on Clement Clarke Moore's A Visit From St. Nicholas. The plot is a somewhat campy revenge tale against a teenage, peeping tom named Zack, played by Edward J. Gutierrez, but, as a title card boldly states in the middle of this 19-minute short, it's all about "gratuitous nudity," particularly the full-frontal, male naked body that's constantly on display.

This movie is also said to be inspired by Tales From the Crypt. Nowhere is that more evident than in the fourth and final, short, gay film, titled "The Way to a Man's Heart." It takes a well-known proverb and twists it into something dangerous or deadly. It's not incredibly crafted, but it better uses Addison Graham as an actor.

Obviously, Graham is a very sexy guy. That's no question, but if he's like Sean Paul Lockhart who was his co-star in Triple Crossed, and he wants to transition from pornography to more mainstream or even independent films, he could do it. Graham has an interesting look and way about him that could be the baseline for a great actor, if he were well-used. He's so far made the choice to always play the bad guy or villain. I'd be curious to see him try something different.

For Vasquez, if he's going to draw inspiration from The Twilight Zone, which is the gold standard in terms of film or TV storytelling, he shouldn't be surprised if he also draw comparisons. If Rod Serling's master work is gold, Steve Vasquez is barely bronze, more likely tin or aluminum here. When compared to Tales From the Crypt, it works better with even a weird nod to the Crypt Keeper. Yet, ErOddity(s) almost succeeds as a gay spoof of those horror anthology series.

Two Stars out of Five.
Not Rated but contains pornographic sex.
Running Time: 1 hr. and 10 mins.


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