TV Review - Hit the Floor: Season 2

Last season felt like a drama that was offering some insight into the professional cheer-leading and competitive dance-world, as well as the basketball industry from a perspective we haven't seen. This second season has moved slightly away from that. It now wants to be full-on soap opera trash. It essentially wants to be Melrose Place but with group dance numbers.

The choreography was rather well done in the first season. The dance number in the first episode here is well done, but the problem is that it's a dance set to Janet Jackson's "If." Jackson's video of that song is one of her best videos, which has great choreography already. Obviously, they couldn't repeat Jackson's moves, but they don't top her, so it comes across as lackluster.

The reason it's like a soap opera at times leaning toward The Young and the Restless is how it makes all the characters either related or working together, whereas everyone else is sleeping with each other. That and the second season opens with a ridiculous murder that really makes no sense.

Rick Fox plays Chase Vincent, a director of the Los Angeles Devils, the fictitious NBA team in question here, and who is the one accused of murder. Maybe the writers wanted Rick Fox to be in a prison jump suit in a weird nod to Fox's role in HBO's Oz. Other than than, this plot is completely stupid and clearly padding with the absolute base of perils.

With the exception of Taylour Paige who plays Ahsha, the sophomore cheerleader but veritable center of the series, and Jonathan 'Lil J' McDaniel who plays German Vega, the former boyfriend of Ahsha and new assistant coach of the Devils, all the other characters are manipulative, scheming or back-stabbing. The show is doing the requisite plot of having an athlete get injured and hide it, while nervous that he'll lose his livelihood.

New this season is Adam Senn who plays Zero, the sexy blonde hunk who joins the Devils and is totally cocky and a sneaky bastard. He clearly is a match for Logan Browning who plays Jelena, the resident evil bitch of the show. They're supposed to be villains, but I grew tired of them both after two seconds.

The only fun character is Kyle, played by Katherine Bailess. Not only is she the most fun, but she's by far the most interesting. Yes, she's slightly scheming, but she's not trying to destroy people's lives like so many others here. I almost wish the show were all about her. She's beautiful, smart and sassy who brings bright energy to the screen.

Two Stars out of Five.
Rated TV-14.
Running Time: 1 hr.
Mondays at 9PM on VH1.


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