Looking - HBO - Season 2, Episode 1 - FAN FICTION

Is it just me, or is anyone else shipping Patrick and Dom? According to Season 1 of HBO's Looking, Patrick and Dom did hook up but decided to become friends, much like Noah and Ricky in the TV series Noah's Arc.

In Season 2, Episode 1, "Looking for the Promised Land," there is a scene where Patrick talks to Dom in the bedroom of Lynn's cabin in the woods. Dom is flipping through a photo album that has pictures of Lynn's ex-boyfriend. Here is how I envisioned that conversation.

PATRICK: What are you doing?
DOM: I was trying to respect Lynn's privacy, but then I saw this photo album of Lynn with his ex-boyfriend and I said, "Fuck it!"

[Dom is standing by the closet where he's pulled the album from a top shelf. He walks over to the bed where he sits and continues flipping through the pictures. Some of which are decades old. A couple are in black-and-white. A younger Lynn is seen with his ex-boyfriend. Patrick joins Dom on the bed to reminisce.]

PATRICK: Is that Lynn?
DOM: Yup!
PATRICK: He was so cute.
DOM: Yeah! Hot too!

[Patrick lays back on the bed.]

PATRICK: You know, I was thinking.
DOM: Thinking about what?
PATRICK: I was thinking about us back in the day, back when we first hooked up.

[Dom realizes the irony, as he then lays back on the bed too.]

DOM: Funny, I was thinking about that too.
PATRICK: (Surprised.) You were? Why?
DOM: Looking through Lynn's album and pictures of his ex-boyfriends made me think of mine. Not that we were ever boyfriends, but still!
PATRICK: You ever think about what would have happened if we did become boyfriends?
DOM: Sometimes, I guess. Knowing me I probably would have found some way to fuck it up.
PATRICK: Oh, trust me, when it comes to fucking things up...

[He raises his hand.]

PATRICK: ...I am the king of that.

[Dom laughs.]

PATRICK: We probably figured right that it wouldn't have worked out.
DOM: I don't know.

[Dom closes the photo album. He looks at Patrick, almost as if the next line is a suggestion.]

DOM: Maybe it would have!
PATRICK: (Pause.) Maybe, but... you wouldn't have met Lynn.
DOM: No, probably not, but, I'm starting to think that it's less about fate and finding "the one" who's my soul-mate or whatever and more about finding someone who I care about and just making it work with that person however I can.
PATRICK: You never believed in soul-mates.
DOM: (Laughing.) No, I guess not. But, what about you?
PATRICK: What, soul-mates? I don't know. I think for me right now, I just need to look at the people in my life and decide which ones I need to push away, and, which ones I need or want to pull closer.
DOM: Really?
DOM: (Considering.) So, what about me? Am I someone you need to push away or am I someone you want to pull closer?

[Patrick now takes Dom's suggestion a bit more seriously. They both stare into each other, wondering about their relationship in this moment. Agustín bursts into the room, interrupting what might have led to more than a consideration and possibly a kiss.]

AGUSTIN: What up bitches?

[The moment between Patrick and Dom quickly fades, as they revert back or at least pretend to do so in front of Agustín.]


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