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This series feels like a series that is capitalizing on the success of programs like The Following on FOX, Hannibal on NBC and Stalker on CBS, except it's aimed more at a teenage and college-age audience. It continues the obsession that current culture has with serial killers and the revelry of brutality. Based on the R.L. Stine novel, it begins with a preposterous crime. A young girl is kidnapped at a fast food drive-through in front of several witnesses whose reactions are not shown and presumably are nil.

What follows is just a pile-up of brutality and a pile-up of stupidity. I understand that unlike Scorpion, this series shows a young girl can be good at computer hacking. Victoria Justice stars as Lindy Sampson, a hacker who was arrested and who is now being stalked by a serial killer. The serial killer targets his victims using an online dating service known as Flirtual.

Casey Jon Diedrick (Days of Our Lives) co-stars as Tommy, a police officer assigned to cyber crimes and is part of the team investigating the serial killer. For some reason, he becomes too close to Lindy and allows her to help with other cases involving the Internet. He really seems too young and not appropriate to be leading these cases.

With there being so many cop shows set in New York, from Law & Order to Castle to Elementary, the way the cops in this show handle these murders seem so lethargic and underwhelming. It's obvious the writers are dragging out this case, but I'm just never convinced that the cops are doing all that they can to find and stop the serial killer. Lindy doesn't seem to be taking this whole situation as seriously. She sees three men murdered literally in front of her, and she continues to walk around like nothing is wrong.

Even though she thinks she's a cop, she's not one, so her behavior is weird. The behavior of her friends make more sense. Kiersey Clemons plays Sophia, the roommate of Lindy. John Garet Stoker plays Connor, the best friend of Sophia and openly gay blogger. Both Sophia and Connor are scared and freaked out. The show has had several victims connected to Lindy, but the families of the victims have been completely ignored. A serial killer is on the loose and the police seem rather blah on the issue. Actual police work in general takes a back seat to creepy and awful, voice-over narrations from the serial killer in typical, sociopathic fashion.

One Star out of Five.
Rated TV-14.
Running Time: 1 hr.
Mondays at 10PM on MTV.


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