Kyler Pettis Has First Shirtless Scene as "Theo" on 'Days of Our Lives'

If you missed the January 31st episode of Days of Our Lives on NBC, you missed the debut of the amazing actor, Kyler Pettis, soaking wet and in nothing but a long, blue towel. It is the first, shirtless scene by the gorgeous, African-American talent since he took over the role of Theo Carver in November 2015. Why it took the producers so long to get him out of his clothes is a mystery. His high-functioning, autistic character recently moved into his own apartment with two, female roommates who are both lusting after him. Thankfully, the show has now made lusting after this young man a lot easier for the viewers too. Pettis himself even made note of the shirtless scene on his Instagram page.

Pettis shared the scene with co-star Vivian Jovanni who plays, Ciara Brady, his potential love interest.


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