DVD Review - Go Go Crazy (Special Features)

The DVD commentary is probably funnier than the movie, if not just as funny. The movie itself is what Christopher Guest would have made if he decided to do male dancers and strippers at nightclubs for gay men competing for some arbitrary and ultimately worthless title of who can shake his rear the best. Think Best in Show or Waiting for Guffman meets Magic Mike and Showgirls, maybe.

Yet, the commentary, which features director Fred M. Caruso, actor Michael Cusumano and female impersonator Hedda Lettuce who also stars in the movie, isn't the typical, boring commentary of everyone fawning over everyone with whom they worked or blowing the usual smoke. It's more reminiscent of Mystery Science Theater 3000, except the three commentators are all gay and are throwing jabs at their own movie.

Hedda Lettuce who is a phenomenal comedian or comedienne whose signature wig is long, curly and bright green leads the jabs. She is hilarious. She makes fun of everything and everyone. It's a strange mix though of making fun of the actors while also being slightly attracted to them sexually. She pokes fun at them, while also wanting to be poked by them??? When she pokes, it is with a quick and sharp wit. She definitely had me dying of laughter from beginning to end.

She doesn't just knock other people. She also knocks herself, and when she does, it's mostly about her weight but frequently boosts herself back up, particularly with how great a pair of breasts she has for a man. She knocks herself down, but talking about her knockers brings her back up. Hedda is also awesome because she's not afraid to curse and insult the director who sits right next to her, calling him, "a cheap bastard" at one point.

Caruso and Cusumano add to this funny DVD commentary. Mostly, Caruso sets up the jokes and Hedda delivers the punchlines, while Cusumano injects funny voices here and there. The movie is only 87 minutes. If you want a plot summary or more information about the characters like the one played by Cusumano, read my review here.

Other than that, check out the DVD's Special Features. There are nine features, totaling over 30 minutes of bonus content, including the trailer for Go Go Crazy, which is mainly butt shots and guys ripping off their shirts, as well as the trailers for three movies from Breaking Glass Pictures. One of which is Fred M. Caruso's previous hit film The Big Gay Musical, more dramatic than this movie but still sexy and funny in a scripted way.

The Photo Gallery is stills from the movie set to Rick Crom's theme song for the film. There's five minutes of Deleted Scenes that weren't seen in the movie. The Special Features also contain four individual sequences that are seen in the movie but they're more or less replayed and slightly extended. Two of those sequences are people singing and the other two are stage prances. One of which mocks beauty pageants, as much as it does the idea of go-go boys.

The crown jewel is the nine-minute collection of auditions. It's excerpts of the actors responding to improv interviews. It shows how good these guys are at improvisation. It also gives you a good idea of how their dancing is borderline sexy and ridiculous. Again, Hedda Lettuce steals the show. Her audition with Rick Crom garners the most laugh-out-loud moments.

Four Stars out of Five.
Not Rated But Contains language and sexual situations.
Running Time: 1 hr. and 17 mins.


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