Black History Month Reviews 2014 - A Preview

Forest Whitaker in "Lee Daniels' The Butler"
the most successful black film of 2013
This blog since its inception has always had a slant toward black films or films by and about black people, or films regarding people of color or stories related to the African diaspora or the plight of similar minorities. Given that 2013 in film and television was a significant one for black people. From Chiwetel Ejiofor making waves in theaters and Kerry Washington setting things on fire on the small screen, there is a lot of stuff upon which to reflect during Black History Month 2014.

There are at least 14 titles that I want to mention and/or re-post. Half are historical pieces or about recent, real-life events. The other half are contemporary pieces, examining the present and possible future of black society. There are also 15 titles, which are reviews for movies I've already written. These 15 titles are either movies or TV shows, which I've yet to write. Most are new to DVD or theaters within the past two months, but I will spotlight them throughout this February.

Here's a preview of 14 new reviews to come:

Comic and actor Kevin Hart has at least three films in 2014
Things Never Said
The Last Letter
Being Mary Jane
Almost Human
Ride Along
Big Words
12 O'clock Boys
After Earth
Dark Girls
The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete
Mother of George
About Last Night

Some 15 old reviews to re-post. Links are also provided:




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