TV Review - Finding Me the Series: Season 2

Two years ago, I was invited to Jersey City to participate in the writing of this Internet series. I was able to see where creator Roger Omeus, Jr. wanted to take the show. I even got to write an episode. Last year, I was invited to a table read and was even sent early scripts of the episodes in this season.

However, not long after that, the direction of the show changed, not completely but significantly, so as I watched the eight episodes, which started being released last winter and now wraps up this spring, I came to it with the knowledge of where the show could have gone but didn't. After the Season 2 finale, which was posted on Memorial Day, it was announced this series will get one last special episode to conclude the story lines, though the potential for a Season 3 could be a possibility. It's like HBO's Looking in that regard.

Several years ago, Omeus wrote and directed two movies. Those movies introduced four characters. Omeus continued the stories of those four characters in Season 1 of this series, which premiered on YouTube in 2012. Season 1 was made up of a lot of tiny episodes mostly. Season 2 has fewer episodes, but each episode is longer. Each episode is at least a half-hour or so, and, instead of focusing on one character, like he did in Season 1, Omeus juggles all four characters at once in each episode.

RayMartell Moore stars as Faybien, a bow-tie-wearing, hopeless romantic who lives with his widowed father in Jersey City and aspires to work in the music business. Last season, Faybien competed against a young black man named Kelly for a job at a record label. That competition is abandoned this season and Faybien is launched into a new storyline where he has to help manage a music artist named Dominic, played by real-life, music artist Marck Angel. A scandal hits Dominic, requiring the introduction of an Olivia Pope-type character named Danielle Spencer, played by Brigid Turner.

Eugene E. Turner co-stars as Greg, a cook and best friend to Faybien who is dealing with a recent break-up as well as the tragedy of losing his baby daughter when her mother fell down a flight of steps and had a miscarriage. At the return of an old friend, Jerome, played by Dustin Ross, Greg decides to become celibate for six weeks, which is significant because Greg has always been known for his promiscuity.

Miste Roule Ryals plays Tammy, a professional makeup artist who was the mother of Greg's baby. Tammy broke up with Greg before the miscarriage, long before, but the two remained good friends and both were looking forward to co-parenting their daughter, probably sharing custody. Tammy has a very handsome and very charming, new boyfriend James, played by Austin Michael Young. The miscarriage, however, has supremely affected her in ways that subtly play out over Season 2.

Actor and rapper Bry'Nt plays Omar, a drug dealer who used to date and be in love with Greg and Faybien's ex-roommate. In Season 1, that roommate left. Omar got a new boyfriend Kyle, played by Auden Robertson, but, the character of Kyle was murdered. Season 2 begins with two detectives investigating that murder, but the investigation turns to chasing after Omar's uncle who is a drug kingpin named "Junior," played by King David.

The first four episodes, which aired at the end of 2014, set all of this up. The final five episodes, which were made available this year complicates and concludes some things. One thing that is concluded is Tammy's miscarriage. It tests her relationship with James who doesn't know how to handle her grief, as Tammy doesn't either, and Miste Roule is such an amazing actress that in certain moments you feel that grief, whether it's in quiet moments or it's in loud, dramatic ones.

Miste Roule is particularly fantastic in Episode 207 in a scene opposite Eugene Turner. The two are great together, and even though she doesn't say much, she is ever the knockout. The character who accidentally caused Tammy's miscarriage is Reggie, played by Eric Joppy. Reggie is written out the show, but Omeus gives Tammy some great writing and directing about her not blaming Reggie and blaming herself, which again allows Miste Roule to shine as an actress. Tammy's last scene with James is great, but unfortunately James does something in his very last scene that overall seems far afield and totally contrived.

In terms of the other characters, so many things are not concluded. As I said, so many things are left open and actually are further complicated. The season started with Omar going to his uncle to get a gun so that he can avenge Kyle, while also keeping the secret that he is gay. There's no explanation as to why Omar couldn't get a gun from someone else. Kyle's killer Ramon, played by Chino Ramos, threatens Omar to leave it alone or Ramon will expose Omar's secret, but so what? That still shouldn't stop Omar from finding and killing Ramon before he says anything. Then, by the end, Omar's uncle seems to send Omar a message, but it makes no sense.

Another thing that's left out in the open is Greg's relationship with Jerome. Greg makes a bet with Jerome to remain celibate for six weeks. This leads to a funny scene in yoga at the gym where Greg meets a guy named Anthony, played by David Singletary, whom might be into him, but nothing else about it is developed. In Episode 208, Greg randomly runs into Anthony in the street during fireworks where Greg is feeling loneliness possibly, but it's not clear why.

The last thing that's left open is Faybien and Danielle. The two movies that introduced Faybien as the main character was all about Faybien being gay. Yet, now all of a sudden, he learns that Danielle wants to have sex with him and he's somehow open to it. Faybien had a huge and powerful moment where he stood up to his homophobic father. Yet, to see Faybien consider hooking up with Danielle makes me wonder what it all was even for. If Faybien just wants to experiment, that's fine. The problem is Danielle as a character is never fleshed out. Why does she want to hook up with Faybien? For one, it's unprofessional and for two, there are other guys you'd think she go for first like Dominic or even the guy running the music label.

We don't even see if Danielle solved the scandal with Dominic, which is what she was there to do. There is an initial scene, which sets up Dominic's scandal, but there's no follow-up. It feels like the scandal doesn't even matter. It's almost as if any of Faybien's work didn't matter. We never see any of the other characters at work, so why should we see Faybien at work?

RayMartell Moore in 'Finding Me the Series'
The very last episode ends with Faybien going into the bedroom with Danielle. Before then, we see Faybien with the two guys who are or were his love interests. One was Jerome. The other was Morris, played by Kenyon L. O'Brien. Both of which were separately great scenes. Faybien had great passionate moments with both. The scene with Morris even reminded me of my favorite scene from the very first movie Finding Me (2009). Both Jerome and Morris react to the whole Danielle situation. If that were a litmus test for whom Faybien ultimately should choose, Morris definitely wins.

Other than the four main actors, there have also been really interesting and really funny guest stars. The comedian Tammy Peay shows up and lobs some great insults at everyone, which are loudly hilarious. Mark St. Cyr plays Paul, Reggie's ex-roommate and Omar's current roommate, and St. Cyr is really good. He's comic relief too. He has a particularly funny moment where he's high on drugs and walks away with his pants around his ankles, which made me laugh.

Still, I'm curious where the show will go next and how things will be wrapped up. Season 2 has been remarkable in that its production value has been vastly better that the first. The cinematography in particular has just been beautiful. The look has been gorgeous and Omeus has had a really good eye for all of his scenes in Season 2. Whether it's capturing rain water as it flows off a gutter or it's sexy beefcake shots like a guy using a tree as part of his gym to do pull-ups, Omeus does make the series interesting to stare at.

Three Stars out of Five.
Not Rated but for mature audiences, contains language, sexual situations and violence.
Running Time: 30 mins / 8 episodes.
Available on & follow the show on Twitter @FindingMeSeries
For more information, go to and subscribe to its YouTube page.


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