TV Review - Glee: Season 2 - Favorite Songs

What I remember about the pilot episode of Glee is the version of Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" that was done at the episode's conclusion. Ever since, the show has been notable for its musical numbers and the ascerbic and hilarious one-liners that spew from Jane Lynch. Arguably, the first half of Season 1 had the best storyline. Season 2 had a bullying arc that was interesting, but mostly Season 2 seemed like it was biding time till Season 3, which feels like it's back in a groove story-wise.

Needless to say, Season 2 still had some great musical numbers. Unlike Season 3, which has witnessed a vast improvement in choreography, the year that started in the fall of 2010 is notable for some great vocal work. To me, the introduction of Darren Criss is what's most outstanding about that year.

Yet, still, the five best performances involve not him, but mostly his character's love interest, Kurt Hummel, played by Emmy nominee, Chris Colfer. Colfer did two covers of Beatles songs to great effect. There were some great re-creations of Broadway numbers. Known for the numerous pop songs and Top 40 choices, in Season 2, the writers of Glee impressed with original songs that were extremely well done.

Here is my list of favorite musical numbers from Season 2 of Glee.

5. TIME WARP performed by the cast (in episode "Rocky Horror Glee") from The Rocky Horror Show.

4. HELL TO THE NO performed by Amber Riley (in episode "Original Song.)

3. GET IT RIGHT performed by Lea Michele (in episode "Original Song").

2. RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH performed by Amber Riley and Naya Rivera, song by Ike and Tina Turner (in episode "Duets").

1. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND performed by Chris Colfer, song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney (in episode "Grilled Cheesus").


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