Sexiest Stars of 2011

As far as I'm concerned, there are too many good-looking, beautiful and sexy people in the world. So many models and musicians, actors and athletes, and even the Kardashians! Magazines like Maxim and People will have better if not definitive lists of this topic, but looking at all the movie, TV show and even music stars of the past year, here are my favorites.

20. HARMONY SANTANA - Recently, she received a Gotham Award nomination for her role in the film Gun Hill Road. She is absolutely beautiful, a gorgeous girl. What's remarkable is that this sexy girl used to be a boy. Harmony is transgendered, but that has nothing to do with how talented she is nor how attractive.

19. KELLAN LUTZ - You probably haven't noticed, but Kellan has been a busy boy in 2011. He had five movies come out this past year. The biggest was The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, where he played a vampire, but if you saw any of the other four, you know that all four showed off the fact that last year he was a Calvin Klein model. He continued his modeling this year, making the cover of GQ Style Australia.

18. LISARAYE - She isn't a model, but she's the daugher of one and is now a fashion designer, probably having dressed tons of models, but this year, she was most notable for her role in the VH-1 series Single Ladies where if it were Sex and the City, her character would have been the Samantha of the group, except her character used to be a music video dancer. And, everyone knows that if you're a music video dancer, having sexy moves and sexy looks go without saying, so this was a role LisaRaye slipped easily into.

17. DAMON WAYANS, JR. - He's the son of famous comedian, Damon Wayans. Wayans, Jr. actually got his start by writing for his dad's show My Wife and Kids ten years ago before he stepped out on his own. Of course, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Not only does Wayans, Jr. have his dad's handsome looks, he in many ways has his dad's comedic sensibilities and styles, but with more of a modern-day, ironic edge to it. It's nonetheless perfectly placed on his new TV series on ABC, Happy Endings.

16. JENNIFER LAWRENCE - She was nominated for an Oscar earlier in the year for Winter's Bone. She then went on to co-star in a movie called The Beaver as well as play the younger version of Rebecca Romijn in X-Men: First Class. Need I say more? This girl is hot!!!

15. JOSHUA BOWMAN - The hunky British actor first came onto the radar when The Daily Mail did a tabloid story about him being on holiday with Amy Winehouse two years ago. Bowman earlier in the year appeared in the ABC Family series Make It or Break It where he played the love interest of a gymnast. He currently co-stars on the series Revenge, but it seems The Daily Mail has him as the love interest to Miley Cyrus with whom he co-stars in So Undercover, a comedy set for the spring of 2012.

14. PAULA PATTON - She starred in the Oscar-winning film Precious where she played a lesbian. This year, she was a gushing bride in Jumping the Broom in which she has two scenes where she's dressed in nothing but her bra and panties. Yet, she's currently getting to kick butt in the hit film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

13. JON BERNTHAL - Bernthal plays Shane in the AMC series The Walking Dead. The show is about a zombie apocalypse and a band of survivors in Georgia. Obviously, it's not that difficult to look sexy next to a zombie, but Bernthal handles Shane's unrequited love, his cold and tough take on making it in this new world with such raw, animal attractiveness that he can be scary and at the same time sexy.

12. JULIANNA MARGUILES - The two-time Emmy-winning actress stars in the CBS drama The Good Wife and despite never seeing her out of her pristine clothing, I include her in the list of sexiest because the sexual tension between her and her co-star Josh Charles is some of the best that television has ever brought us. The sex scene she did have this year didn't show any skin but emotionally was so powerful that it gave me chills.

11. TYLER HOECHLIN - Whether he's turning Christina Applegate's head in Hall Pass or whether he's ripping his clothes off to turn into a werewolf in MTV's Teen Wolf, the 24-year-old easily makes the list, if for no other reason than because of the intense eyes.

10. MELANIE FIONA - The Canadian R&B singer was nominated for two Grammys, one for her cover of Wake Up! Everybody with John Legend and the other for her duet with Cee Lo Green, Fool for You. Her exotic beauty comes from the fact that her heritage includes African, Indian and Portuguese.

9. ADAM LEVINE - He was one of the judges and mentors on the hit NBC series The Voice. He also poised nude for Cosmopolitan UK for its cancer campaign.

8. OMARI HARDWICK - He's been appearing in movies for only a brief time but he's been playing a variety of roles. In I Will Follow, he somehow made a grown man on a swing extremely sexy.

7. ZOE SALDANA - From Avatar to Star Trek, Zoe has a proven track record in action films. She's also done some comedies where she's held her own. Her latest film Colombiana puts her back in her action film shoes. The film wasn't well-received, but she is a knockout in it.

6. ALEXANDER SKARSGARD - I don't know if Alexander is sexy as he's sexual. In a lot of roles, being sexual is chiefly what's required of him. Any fan of True Blood will tell you that. Same goes for the remake of Straw Dogs but it was only in Lars Von Trier's Melancholia that his sex appeal is denied, but his spread in GQ magazine more than makes up for it.

5. EMILY VANCAMP - First fell in love with her in Everwood. Fell in love with her again in Brothers & Sisters. Both times, she was just a supporting character. Now, she's the lead in ABC's Revenge, and in it she's literally like a rose.

4. JO-WILFRIED TSONGA - I first saw Tsonga during the 2011 Wimbledon Championships this summer. Prior to the French-African tennis player's match at Wimbledon, he posed naked for Cosmopolitan UK for the magazine's Everyman cancer campaign. He's been described as the Muhammad Ali of Tennis. He certainly has the looks and body to prove it.

3. SALLI RICHARDSON-WHITFIELD - She stars on the TV series Eureka but has been in a variety of features. She's heartbreaking as the niece of a rock musician in I Will Follow. Her character also gives beauty tips, and looking at her, it's certainly believable.

2. JESSICA CHASTAIN - Jessica has had a busy year too. She appeared in six films that came out this year. The biggest was by far The Help. My favorite of her performances and where I think she is the most beautiful, the most graceful, and the most of a vision, is her role in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life.

1. JEAN DUJARDIN - Dujardin is the second French man on this list. Whereas Tsonga has made his mark on American audiences through his games being broadcast on CBS or other sports networks, Dujardin has remained a total foreigner. The 39-year-old has finally broken through and is being introduced to the United States via his amazing performance in The Artist, a black-and-white silent film, which may in fact be nominated for several Oscars, including one for Dujardin. His looks and his charm make him a shoe-in as the winner.


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