TV Review - Glee: Season 3 - Favorite Music

Darren Criss performing
"Something's Coming"
Here's what you missed... Rachel's mom returned and brought Quinn's baby back, but not for Quinn to raise but maybe for Puck to raise. Sam left McKinley, while Blaine enrolled, all to the tune of Tom Jones. Brittany won class president, as an Irish exchange student fawned over her. Kurt lost his virginity and Santana came out the closet. Mercedes formed an all-girl group, which newly lesbian Santana liked. Finn became a mechanic, but not before helping New Directions win at Sectionals, and Coach Sylvester fought a nasty political campaign. All that, plus West Side Story and that's what you missed... on GLEE!!!

Now that the pointless plotlines are out of the way, let's get to what we really care about, and that's the musical numbers. Of the nine episodes of Season 3 that have aired thus far, including a quirky Christmas episode, I've chosen five musical numbers from them that I think were very well done, either in terms of choreography, which has been dramatically improved this year, or emotional impact. Sometimes, it helps to see the whole episode to get the full impact, so I've included links to those. Sometimes, individual musical numbers aren't online, but here is my list.

#5. RUN THE WORLD - performed by Heather Morris, song by Beyoncé, in the episode "Asian F"

#4. "I'M THE GREATEST STAR" - performed by Chris Colfer, song from Funny Girl (1968), in the episode "I Am Unicorn"

 #3. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN - performed by Cory Monteith, song by Cyndi Lauper, in the episode "I Kissed a Girl"

#2. RUMOR HAS IT and SOMEONE LIKE YOU performed by Amber Riley and Naya Rivera, songs by Adele, in the episode "Mash Off"

#1. SOMETHING'S COMING - performed by Darren Criss, song from West Side Story, in the episode "I Am Unicorn"


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