VOD Review - Creep (2015)

Mark Duplass stars as Josef, a guy who very much lives up to the title of the movie. Patrick Brice co-stars as Aaron, a cameraman who meets Josef out in the woods to shoot a video of himself leaving a special message to his unborn son because Josef says he's dying of cancer. Aaron becomes afraid when Josef's behavior becomes increasingly disturbing.

This is a horror film made in the found-footage style. Unfortunately, this style undermines the believability of the narrative and characters at several points. The writing of this story undermines the believability as well. There's also a final conclusion that's supposed to throw a new light on the characters, but the only thing accomplished is providing another example of stupid characters in horror movies.

Unfortunately, the most stupid is Aaron, and this movie becomes tedious just watching Aaron do stupid thing after stupid thing. He questions nothing and just accepts everything, and it just gets boring to watch a character be so stupid.

Obviously, Josef is the one hiding something, but he does stuff early on that reveals so or at least demonstrates that he lied. But, what's most frustrating is that Aaron spends a lot of the time filming himself and events. Yet, he never bothers to watch his own footage. If he did, there would be no movie, or the ending would not be what it is, which is just sheer ridiculousness.

Duplass does give a good performance though. However, the movie ends on a note with him that is very repulsive.

Two Stars out of Five.
Rated R for brief violence and language.
Running Time: 1 hr. and 17 mins.


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